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Small Land Sales on the Decline or Incline?

Small Land Sales
on the Decline or Incline?


The past eighteen months have seen markets shift from predominately home sales to small land sales. 
Just recently have we seen the smaller tracts in our area catch some interest. New building is suffering because
of supply cost. However, the demand for suburban home listings still entices the rural allure.  

Texas Realtors 2020 report that Texas small land sales decreased 2.8% in 2019. The average price per acre increased
7.32% to $6,232 per acre. This information is covering the entire state. Regionally we report slight percentage increases.
Small acreage is usually considered to be less than 100 acres and the average sale tract size was 32 acres, a decrease of 3%. 

For this report Comanche and surrounding counties are considered to be in Austin – Waco – Hill Country.
Although, our trade areas seem to lay to the northeast of us. Our office seems to field inquiries searching in Brown,
Comanche, Hamilton, and Mills when interested in the small tracts.  

Much of the market is controlled by the type of land. Rocky unusable hill country will be the residential buyer,
while our terrane lends itself for more livestock, equestrian, and farm usages.

The Austin – Waco – Hill Country region reports $9,775 per acre land. We can attest to this when selling close to Austin.
However, in our immediate area we have seen a rapid increase in per acre prices but for the average we are not at those
levels, yet. The problem facing most buyers is the lack of selection. Regardless of the price, most owners are not willing to
part with their property.  

We can see by the following chart that our region far exceeds the rest of the state in property sold for 2019
in the small land sale market.  


This leads us to the everlasting statement, “They aren’t making any more of it”. 
If you want to own land the time to buy was yesterday.